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Talking to Kids About Violence, SEL for Teachers and Trivia ~November 7, 2019~

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Last March, we posted a link from Common Sense Media in the Digital Family Resources section of the Parent Portal, and it seems as though it may be helpful for any of us who finds a need to have these conversations - this week, in particular:

Hate Online, Real-World Violence, and How to Talk to Kids About Them
Tragically, we find ourselves in a position to talk to our kids about mass shootings regularly. Some of the shooters' motivations aren't entirely clear, and sometimes—like the ones of the shooter in New Zealand—they are expressly stated in written and recorded messages of hate. What can we, as parents, do to help our kids make sense of these horrific events?

First, it's important to recognize the role online platforms and social media play not only as sources of the hate people encounter, but also as a means to spread those messages, encourage participation, and even share livestreams of the shootings themselves. If you have a little kid who hasn't seen or heard about the incident, there's no reason to bring it up; however, it's always great to plant the seeds of acceptance, peaceful interaction, and accurate information about all kinds of people. Older kids and tweens may have heard something, but it's best to let them take the lead so you aren't the one to give more details than they're ready for. Teens likely know what's happened, so you can make sure they have accurate and complete information and find out how they're making sense of it all. Of course, in all cases, we want to offer hope: Sometimes that comes by taking actions to help which can empower kids—and parents—to spread some light in times of darkness.

Liz is continuing to offer monthly Lunch n' Learn Sessions online, so you can come in and participate from the comfort of wherever your computer is, and they will be recorded for viewing later, as well. Feedback will be solicited at the end of the year to determine topics for the following year!

Here are the topics for this year:

  • November 19, 11:30am-12:15pm
    • Productivity Tips and Tricks
      • Join Liz for toe-dip into a couple great applications, strategies and websites that can shave seconds (and ultimately minutes and hours) off your daily tasks

  • December 3, 11:15am - 12:00pm
    • Google Drive Tips and Tricks
      • Explore some best strategies for organizing and your Google Drive, including learning more about Shared Drives and some extra fun tips within Google Docs.

  • January
    • Blogs 101
      • Blogs are great ways to communicate, empower your students to improve their writing skills and to open the doors of your (virtual) classroom. Learn about blogs (and how they differ from Google Docs or websites) and how they have been used in schools and classes.
  • February
    • Outlook Tips and Tricks for Inbox Zero
      • Just as it says! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the email influx? Learn some strategies and logistical ways to manage your inbox and never (ok...rarely) feel overwhelmed by email again!
  • March
    • Google Slides / Presentation Tips & Tricks
      • This session will focus exclusively on Google Slides as a presentation tool and explore its functionality and collaborative features.
  • April
    • Chrome Extensions Part Deux
      • There's NEVER enough time for all the wonderful, time-saving features of Chrome extensions.
  • May
    • Social Media for Professional Learning Growth 101
      • Learn and explore the ways you can engage with professional learning networks online to push your thinking, creativity and expand your professional learning network, as one way to connect with other educators worldwide.




Sometimes, we just need a reminder to care for ourselves. Here's hoping you have a chance to do just that during the upcoming Fall Break Weekend.

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