Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Talk Story, CUE Conference Resources and More Trivia! ~ March 12, 2019

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In November, the Grade 3 students learned about trade and the barter system in Mexican California from the early 1800s to 1850. As a culminating activity, Mrs. Gough hosted a barter day at The Harker Trading Post. Her California History students established their own class Rules of Fair Trade, brought items from nature to class, and then used the barter system to trade and exchange items with each other. As they experienced classroom commerce, they learned how good communication and negotiating skills are essential to working out fair deals.

Learning through story can guide a lifetime of understanding. Keith Hirota is hosting lunch time Talk Story sessions with the middle school students. During selected lunch periods he provides comfortable space for students to get to know and learn about their fellow classmates by sharing their stories with each other. 



Once again, the LID Team is headed to volunteer, present and attend the Annual CUE Conference this week. As such, I'd like to make you aware of a couple items of particular interest.

First, our very own Diane Main is running for re-election for the statewide CUE Board of Directors. I encourage you all to head to https://cue.org/elections/ and read about the candidates - I will send a follow-up note when elections open!

Second, did you know that, more often than not, you can find session resources for a conference on the description itself? For instance, this particular link leads to a session I highly recommend and you can scroll to see "Session Resources" hyperlinked (this one is a placeholder, but all will be populated this week). Every session located at https://springcue2019.sched.com/ has a Session Resources link, accessible by anyone! Review the schedule and if there's a session that piques your interest, check out the Session Resources link in its description or ask me and I'll try to attend it in person this week. 

We can't wait to share what we learn with you!



Read to the bottom of each blogpost and send an email to Liz Brumbaugh at liz.brumbaugh@harker.org with the correct answers sooner than anyone else, and Liz will deliver your choice of beverage to your office or classroom

2018-2019 Trivia Winners (So Far)

Michael Ear, Preschool Art
Marissa Lucketti, Human Resources
Melanie Ramsey, Middle School History
Jennifer Siraganian, Upper School English
Lola Muldrew, Upper School Math
Annamaria Smitherman, Lower School English
Melaina Lara, Summer Programs
Kristen Morgensen, Middle School Science

And now, for the questions...

1. Saint Patrick’s Day was originally associated with what color?
2. What country was the first to officially adopt and put Daylight Savings into law?
3. Released on April 5, 1974, what was Stephen King’s first published novel?