Friday, February 1, 2019

Shark Tank, LS MakerSpace in the Library, Inbox Zero Success and More Trivia! ~February 1, 2019~

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While this first activity took place in November, when air quality was poor and we were spending much more time indoors, a great strategy or lesson is timeless. 

As a culminating activity to follow the story of the week, Young Thomas Edison, Second Grade teachers Sejal Mehta and Ali Bo took their Language Arts students to the library where LS Librarian Kathy Clark set up a Maker Space activity. Students were asked to create an invention that would benefit our world today. We had inventions such as a filtered air mask (see video), voice checker, heli-boat-car, and so many more creations from our imaginative students! 

Check out this quick (under 30 seconds) video with one of our students explaining his invention!

Rebecca Williams threw her 7th grade Expository Writing students in to the Shark Tank. Students were tasked to research and create persuasive speeches to convince sharks to donate money to a nonprofit.  All classes were represented in the Shark Tank by one nonprofit of their choosing and students spent 5 minutes trying to convince sharks to donate $700 to their cause. Parents donated funds and in the end three non-profits benefited from this classroom exercise in persuasive writing. Here is the link to the video.



While not education related, definitely helpful for life. 

The challenge: Too. many. emails. in my personal email, specifically. I love all my work emails, of course. I don't want to click through to unsubscribe from every single email, so I end up in a vicious cycle of deleting unwanted emails, only to have them pop up again.

The solution: Try - it's a free service that allows you to quickly and easily choose whether you want your emails to 1) continue coming to your inbox, 2) be part of a daily or weekly digest email (your "Rollup") or 3) be unsubscribed. The screenshot below shows how easy I can click on each email sender and decide what to do with it.

Do this, and you, too, can reach INBOX ZERO



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2018-2019 Trivia Winners (So Far)

Michael Ear, Preschool Art
Marissa Lucketti, Human Resources
Melanie Ramsey, Middle School History
Jennifer Siraganian, Upper School English
Lola Muldrew, Upper School Math
Annamaria Smitherman, Lower School English
Melaina Lara, Summer Programs

And now, for the questions...

1. World War II took a toll on the NFL. The Steelers were forced to merge with the Eagles in 1943. They also had to merge with another team in 1944. What team did they combine with that year?
2. Which franchise was the oldest in professional (American) football history?
3. Officials carry yellow flags that they throw to indicate a foul. It is usually wrapped around a weight to assist with throwing the flag a far distance and to help with accuracy. WHY are ball bearings no longer used as weights on these flags, and for bonus points, what is used now?