Friday, December 7, 2018

LID Vision Workshops Recap and Trivia! ~ December 7, 2018

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Visit this link to see slidedecks and video recordings of some fantastic sessions offering during our recent LID Vision Workshop Day

Here is the listing of inspirational, innovative and invigorating sessions and that were offered across our divisions:

  • Blog Your Journey: Life, Lesson, or Life Lessons
  • Digital Tools to Design "Sustainability" Moments
  • Ebooks and Audio Books: Free and Easy!
  • Ebooks and Audio Books: Free and Easy!
  • Elements of Effective Math Lessons and Using the Post-it Plus App
  • Escape Room in a box
  • Feedback, not Marking
  • Fundamentals of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Gettin' Trippy...Tour Creator Virtual Field Trip
  • Google Slides: More Than Meets the Eye!
  • Google! Create a Website or Digital Escape Room
  • Harkness at Harker: Using student-centered, discussion-based learning to encourage student ownership for their own learning
  • How to Start Incorporating SEL Activities Now
  • Introduction to the Schoology Assessment Feature
  • Live Grading With Rubrics
  • Polyup: a free digital math playground (co-founder Shaya Zarkesh, class of 2018)
  • Public Speaking for Teachers
  • Student Feedback Surveys to Improve Teaching
  • Taking Your Classroom into the Community (Locally and Internationally)
  • Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Question: Best Practices in the Question Formulation Technique
  • Testing individuals as a class: no paper, no computer
  • What's your Wild Side? (Grade 4 & 5 only)
And HUGE thank yous to our wonderful presenters:

  • Ann Smitherman
  • Bernie Morrissey
  • Byron Stevens
  • Eileen Schick
  • Gerry-louise Robinson
  • Grace Wallace
  • Heather Russell
  • Jane Keller
  • Jeff Draper
  • Jennifer D. Walrod
  • Kathy Peng
  • Kristen Morgensen and Rebecca Williams
  • Lauri Vaughan and Qi Huang
  • Mark Gelineau
  • Mary Holaday and Kate Shanahan
  • Melanie Ramsay
  • Meredith Cranston
  • Ohad Paran
  • Patricia Burrows and Julie Pinzas
  • Robyn Stone
  • Scott Odekirk
  • Sharmila Misra


Read to the bottom of each blogpost and send an email to Liz Brumbaugh at with the correct answers sooner than anyone else, and Liz will deliver your choice of beverage to your office or classroom

2018-2019 Trivia Winners (So Far)

Michael Ear, Preschool Art
Marissa Lucketti, Human Resources
Melanie Ramsey, Middle School History
Jennifer Siraganian, Upper School English
Lola Muldrew, Upper School Math
Annamaria Smitherman, Lower School English
Melaina Lara, Summer Programs
Lisa Masoni, Middle School Latin

And now, for the questions...

1) What famous Christmas legend did a Montgomery Ward advertising man create as part of his job?
2) A league is equivalent to how many nautical miles at sea?
3) What is the official Winter sport of Canada?