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LID Updates, Presentation Slide Templates and Trivia - November 12, 2018

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Nancy Rasmussen’s Second Grade Language Arts class read Super Storms by Seymour Simon and then participated in a Google Hangout with three meteorologists from the NOAA’s National Weather Service. The meteorologists (one from El Paso and two from San Francisco) presented information about thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and hail that complemented the nonfiction story that the students read, and then they answered questions from the students. The whole Google Hangout was recorded and sent to parents to enjoy as well. Four other Primary Language Arts classes will participate in this same activity later this year.

Middle school teachers shared and celebrated the traditions of El Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). In Spanish class, students learned about the celebration through the family stories of America Salazar.  America shared stories pulled  from her cultural traditions and family experiences to bring a personalized learning journey about El Día de los Muertos to her students.

Agnès Pommier’s French 1 students, in the Unit 1 study, created memes to describe themselves using the verb “être” (to be) and adjectives with the correct agreement (masculine or feminine). She also had her French 2M (middle school) students create memes using future tense with professions and dream activities, and had very positive outcomes with this activity.



From a design standpoint, how you present your slides of information are just as important as the content included. For that reason, we're always keeping an eye out for great designs. A few years ago, I ran across Slides Carnival, and began collecting these beautifully designed slides templates into a shared folder, which can be found at this link. Since then, I've developed a relationship with the designer, who is based in Brazil, and she runs this website and resource on the side of her very successful design business. 




Read to the bottom of each blogpost and send an email to Liz Brumbaugh at with the correct answers sooner than anyone else, and Liz will deliver your choice of beverage to your office or classroom

2018-2019 Trivia Winners (So Far)

Michael Ear, Preschool Art
Marissa Lucketti, Human Resources
Melanie Ramsey, Middle School History
Jennifer Siraganian, Upper School English
Lola Muldrew, Upper School Math
Annamaria Smitherman, Lower School English
Melaina Lara, Summer Programs

And now, for the questions...

1) As a protest to Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans in film, Marlon Brando declined an Academy Award for his performance in what movie?
2) What is meleagrisphobia?
3) When referring to the test taken for entrance into the US military what does ASVAB stand for?

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