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Show What You Know, LID Updates and Trivia - October 25, 2018

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Polyup is a movement built on a vision conceived at Stanford University in 2015 by visiting professor Yahya Tabesh. Yahya teamed up with Harker alumni Shaya Zarkesh (class of 2018) to build a free digital playground for mathematical thinking. allows 3rd-12th grade learners to modify expressions, functions and algorithms to discover the beauty of math. On Friday, October 19th, Shaya and his team visited and shared Polyup with the entire 3rd grade class during their math lab class and will also share with both the 4th and 5th grades in January.

This week while the middle school was off on trips, students that stayed on campus exercised their Math minds creating life-size geodesic domes with Margaret Huntley.

At the Upper School, Byron Stevens had his students dig deeply into nationalism. The “Build a Better Nation-State” Poster Project asked students to “Imagine that you have been commissioned by the government of said country to create a piece for a campaign to commemorate a significant national anniversary or cause; the tone of the poster may feel rather nationalistic, if not like overt propaganda.” Watch the brief video to see samples of the student's work.



Here's a quick strategy to try right now! 

On the back of a test, or in a field that is open-ended, provide the following prompt: 

"Everything you know about this topic, but wasn't asked on the test."

If students claim they know more than the field (or paper) provides, tell them to prioritize the five most important things, thereby showing their ability to prioritize, as well.

For students who have test anxiety, this offers an opportunity to feel as though they are still able to actually show their learning (and it might be an opportunity for you to re-assess what is being asked on the test, too!)

I found this strategy in the EquityEdu Facebook Group, which was linked from the Twitter accounts of award-winning teachers. If you're interested in this, or more ideas, email me (Liz)!



Read to the bottom of each blogpost and send an email to Liz Brumbaugh at with the correct answers sooner than anyone else, and Liz will deliver your choice of beverage to your office or classroom

2018-2019 Trivia Winners (So Far)

Michael Ear, Preschool Art
Marissa Lucketti, HR
Melanie Ramsey, Middle School History
Jennifer Siraganian, Upper School English
Lola Muldrew, Upper School Math

And now, for the questions...

1) In the popular Disney movie, Coco, what does Dante turn into (use the Spanish term, please)?
2) What is the traditional flower to honor the dead during Día de los Muertos?
3) What is the name of the Celtic harvest festival that many people believe Halloween is based on?

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