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Datasets Search, The Power of Crowdsourcing and More! ~September 15, 2018

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At Lower School, Ann Smitherman's English classes created Book Bento Boxes. They found images that related to their summer reading and then created a Book Bento in Google Slides. Click through the slidedeck below by clicking on the title of each book on each slide!

The Middle School is up and running: 6th Grade Ancient History teachers, led by Sara Pawlowski,  explored new Schoology Assessments, Label Image, Highlight Image, and Matching to assess learning for World Geography. In addition, Melanie Ramsey's students were understanding mapping by moving from globe maps to flat maps through oranges. The joy of the students was infectious. Learning is messy and sometimes literally messy, but in the end the learning that emerges is amazing.

From the Upper School, Diane created a super handy one-pager that can be used to reference all the necessities when entering a test in PCR. This is especially important to ensure that the Test Calendar is accurately reflective. You can access the resource here.



Did you catch the big news over the last couple weeks that Google recently rolled out a wonderful search engine for datasets?

Check out and search for any type of dataset of interest - I did a quick search of California Education Data, and instantly was taken to the direct links to hundreds of datasets.

In other news, Tom Murray and Eric Sheninger are friends of ours...

And not only are they stellar educators, Tom specifically crowdsourced an incredibly handy quick guide when you're looking to raise your awareness of tools that might help you or your students.*

Check out for the live, hyperlinked doc.

* As with any and all websites and applications, you should always make sure that you've checked with your LID Director first, since 1) we may have subscriptions available for your use and 2) you have a critical friend to ensure the tool you'd like to use is really the most appropriate for your instructional and pedagogical goals.



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2018-2019 Trivia Winners (So Far)

Michael Ear, Preschool Art

And now, for the questions...

1) What is the second largest country by land mass?
2) How many letters are in the Greek alphabet?
3) In what year was the first modern Olympic Games held?

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