Sunday, April 15, 2018

LID Vision Day Recordings, Talking to Books, and More! ~ April 15, 2018

LID Updates

Right before Spring Break we held another successful LID Vision Day! Don't forget to check out the resources on our LID Internal Resources site to catch up on any sessions you weren't able to attend.

Also, we've made progress in the SIS process - don't forget to take a look at our Great SIS Adventure blog for recent updates!


Other Resources

I just learned about some of the awesome work being done in machine learning and artificial intelligence at the Google Offices on Saturday, April 14, as part of a Professional Learning gathering. As a prior English Teacher, my jaw dropped when I learned about "Talk to Books".

  1. Go to this link
  2. Check out their samples
  3. Type in a natural language question
  4. The results will come directly from books stored in the database

Now, a little public reflection. You may recall in the last LID Blog post that I started a journey to try to sketchnote for 50 days. I'd like to take a moment to share one of my many, many failures. I think I lasted 4 days in my #sketch50 endeavour. Did I make progress? Absolutely. Will I do it again? Likely. Will I take this lack of "grit" and perseverance as a direct reflection on my worth as a learner or leader? I'll try not to. But I do believe it's important for all of us to remember that in our efforts to always innovate, the reflection on why we stopped (or "failed") is the most important piece - as long as it provokes changed action in the future. So next time I try #sketch50, I'll try crafting the time out of my day at the end of the day, instead of first thing in the morning. I'm hopeful this will help be complete this worthwhile work.



Congratulations to Ms. Green at the Upper School, who won our last LID Trivia and had his hot beverage of choice delivered the next morning! 

Here is the growing popular trivia...first one to respond via email to Liz @ with all correct answers gets a hot beverage of their choosing delivered!

1. Before Spring, Spring time and Springing time, what was the season known as based on an old English word?
2. On which date this year does the Spring Equinox fall in Australia?
3. In which of William Shakespeare’s plays is the poem known as “Spring” (entitled “Ver”) sung at the end?