Monday, March 26, 2018

Blogs Galore, Sketch50 Kicks Off and More Trivia

LID Updates

Tis the season for...blogging? Apparently so!

Not only do we have LID Vision Day coming up THIS WEEK (yay!), but we also have Jennifer Walrod's group of students traveling to Greece on Tuesday. They are going to be using a feature within Blogger that allows students to email their pictures and blog posts directly to the blog itself. Parents will be subscribing to the blog and getting emails when there are any updates. Yay for global, frictionless sharing!

If you're interested in learning how to do this, please reach out to your LID Director or ask Jennifer for more information!

Another awesome use for blogs is what Kate Shanahan did with her 5th grade students - take a look at their stellar book reviews at this link!

Finally, don't forget to take a look at our Great SIS Adventure blog for recent updates!


Other Resources

Sketchnoting (Sketching + notetaking) is a trend taking hold among educators like wildfire. As a child, I doodled during classes that held no interest. As an adult, I wanted my doddles to actually work for me. Then I found Sketchnoting!

Lucky for all of us, today begins a 50-day sketchnoting challenge that encourages all of us to improve our skills and lean into our growth mindset. I've taken on this challenge, and you can follow #sketch50 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to join me in this challenge. Ask me about this if you see me - I'm happy to create a Harker sketchnoting group to keep each other accountable and stretching our creative muscles) if interest is there! Email me!



Congratulations to Mr. Morrissey at the Middle School, who won our last LID Trivia and had his hot beverage of choice delivered the next morning! 

Here is the growing popular trivia...first one to respond via email to Liz @ with all correct answers gets a hot beverage of their choosing delivered!
  1. Who was the first U.S. President to have a Passover Seder in the White House?
  2. Which President was born on Easter weekend?
  3. Which biblical story connected to Easter or Passover gave inspiration to troops fighting for the Union in the Civil War?

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Join LID in Chicago, Check out 5th Grade English and TIME SAVERS for Grading Writing - March 2, 2018

LID Updates

Let's go to Chicago!

Do you feel like you've wanted to try some new innovative tools, but haven't had the time, or don't know where to start?

Do you want to end this school year on a fun, inspired note?

Then join your LID Directors at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference on June 24-27 in Chicago!

ISTE is the "mothership" of International conferences as it relates to innovative teaching and learning - and it's SO MUCH MORE than just technology. The best part is that you get to spend time with your LID Directors and brainstorm some fantastic ideas to further inspire and engage all our students.

If you're interested, but have already used your PD funds this year, reach out to Liz or your LID Director and our department may be able to help.


Check out Shelby Guarino's (5th Grade English) students' work. Here's what thy did:

After reading six short stories, students created their own, unique Google Map by pinning each setting from each story. Several stories had multiple settings, so pinning them all was part of the project. In addition, they described in 2 – 4 sentences why each place was important to the plot. Carefully choosing a picture from the internet that symbolized stories' themes was the final, creative task for their Google Maps project.  


Other Resources

Checkmark is one awesome tool for those of us who grade essays. Checkmark USED to not allow for customized comments, which is why I never really recommended it, but NOW you can create your own symbols that auto-populate your own customized comments. 

Giving feedback digitally is now as easy as highlighting the student writing, clicking the symbol and VOILA! the comment is inserted for students! Check out the .gif below to see the ease with which this happens. Make sure to message, email, call, run to your LID Director TODAY to see this in action!

Here's the article that spells out the updates announced.

Download it here.



Congratulations to Ms. Russell at the Lower School, who won our last LID Trivia and had her hot beverage of choice delivered on this last cold Monday morning! 

Here is the growing popular trivia...first one to respond via email to Liz @ with all correct answers gets a hot beverage of their choosing delivered!

  1. What was the first console video game that allowed the game to be saved?
  2. Created in 2009, what was the first decentralized cryptocurrency?
  3. Nintendo is a consumer electronics and video game company founded in what country?