Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 Professional Learning, On-Demand GSuite Training and More Trivia! February 12, 2018

LID Updates

Tis the season! LID members are entering our local conference season, but what ARE all the options if you're interested in innovation and learning? Check out this awesome calendar that EdSurge (highly recommended to follow and read) puts together every year. Here's a link to the article that gives context to the calendar, and PLEASE contact your LID Director if you'd like to attend any of these conferences - chances are we've presented at, been to, or at a minimum, are familiar with the reputation for these conferences and can give you valuable, personalized information!


Other Resources

When you Google Drive, do you find yourself thinking, "now, how do I do that again?" FEAR NOT! You can download the Chrome extension GSuite Training and it will give you on-demand, small snippet screencasts to walk you through ANYTHING you might want to do in Drive, or any other application in GSuite for Education. Here's a quick screencast on how to download the extension and examples of how it can help!



Congratulations to Ms. Pommier at the Upper School, who won our last LID Trivia and is having a hot beverage delivered to her soon! And here is the growing popular trivia...first one to respond via email to Liz @ with all correct answers gets a hot beverage of their choosing delivered!

  1. What is Doodle 4 Google?
  2. Share one thing the MIT Media Lab is currently developing.
  3. When was President Washington's birthday?