Friday, December 8, 2017

Learning Realities, Holiday Cheer and More Trivia - December 8, 2017


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On November 30, the Middle School students and teachers had an opportunity to beta test Google's new Augmented Reality Expeditions. Some of you may be familiar with their Virtual Reality Expeditions, but this technology places virtual objects within the "real" space of your classroom. Suddenly, you can walk around The Coliseum, deeply investigate artifacts from around the world and across history and manipulate an organ to view it from all perspectives. Unlike the Virtual Reality kits that require a headset (that sometimes makes people a little motion sick), the Augmented Reality kits don't require a headset and can therefore be both immersive AND collaborative! Check out this video of the students using it and exploring its capabilities!

Don't forget to take a look at our Great SIS Adventure blog! It includes all the updates to the SIS Focused Feedback meetings we've been hosting. The slides on the blog posts have valuable hyperlinks in them and if you haven't had your chance to provide feedback, yet, these blog posts will help you IMMENSELY if you have any questions.


For a little holiday cheer, and in honor of Computer Science Week, head over to to create a personalized holiday emoji. It really takes about 5 minutes to go step-by-step through the process. See my screenshots below. If this former English Teacher and Administrator can do it, you can, too! :) Share your Made With Code Holiday Emojis with friends, family and send it to the LID Team to show off your new-found skills!

First, I went to the Made with Code website and clicked "Create Your Emoji"

Then, I followed the instructions in the bright blue box - I picked "Glitter" for my Setting in honor of Andrew Irvine.

Then, I kept following the instructions in the bright blue box. Choosing different parts to create and dragging and dropping  when instructed. When I was done, I had the option to see the code I created...

...or see the image...

I clicked "Done" and voila!



CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Smitherman at the Lower School who answered the most recent trivia questions correctly and fastest! She got a hot beverage delivered to her classroom. What's that? YOU want a hot beverage delivered to YOUR office or classroom, too? Well, me the answers to these questions:
  • Who wrote "The Gift of the Magi"?
  • Why was Boxing Day created?
  • During which Hebrew month is Hanukkah celebrated?
  • In what year was Kwanzaa created and by whom?