Sunday, September 24, 2017

Looking Ahead and Making Plans - September 24, 2017

Now that school is in full swing and the mad September dash is (almost) to a close, consider reaching out to your LID Director and brainstorming together! Do you wonder how virtual reality could improve your students' experience? Ask! Have you heard about a tool, but you've never had the time to learn it, and you think it might work to deepen your students' understanding? Ask! You can even just reach out and say, "Hey! Got any ideas for my class?" and we can help!



DON'T FORGET! The Digital Divide: Without a Net - presented by National Geographic - on September 26 @ 7pm Pacific - want a place that you KNOW will provide lots of copyright-friendly photos for you or your students to use in class? Try This smart website has curated all of flickr's copyright-friendly photos and embedded the citation on the image itself. So all you have to do is click > download > insert and know you're being a responsible digital citizen!


I'm always on the lookout for small, bite-sized ways that educators can stay energized and ready to take on new challenges (because there are always new challenges). I'd encourage you to take a look at#onesmallthing. You don't need a Twitter account to search, and the ideas and hope that this particular hashtag provides is just that right-bite thing to make you think everyday - what's going to be my #onesmallthing?

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