Sunday, September 24, 2017

Looking Ahead and Making Plans - September 24, 2017

Now that school is in full swing and the mad September dash is (almost) to a close, consider reaching out to your LID Director and brainstorming together! Do you wonder how virtual reality could improve your students' experience? Ask! Have you heard about a tool, but you've never had the time to learn it, and you think it might work to deepen your students' understanding? Ask! You can even just reach out and say, "Hey! Got any ideas for my class?" and we can help!



DON'T FORGET! The Digital Divide: Without a Net - presented by National Geographic - on September 26 @ 7pm Pacific - want a place that you KNOW will provide lots of copyright-friendly photos for you or your students to use in class? Try This smart website has curated all of flickr's copyright-friendly photos and embedded the citation on the image itself. So all you have to do is click > download > insert and know you're being a responsible digital citizen!


I'm always on the lookout for small, bite-sized ways that educators can stay energized and ready to take on new challenges (because there are always new challenges). I'd encourage you to take a look at#onesmallthing. You don't need a Twitter account to search, and the ideas and hope that this particular hashtag provides is just that right-bite thing to make you think everyday - what's going to be my #onesmallthing?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Put Your Thinking LIDs On - September 10, 2017

They're heeeerrrrrreeeeee...


As with every school year, the first weeks are abuzz with new students, new challenges and new opportunities. As we've dug into the first couple weeks , our LID Directors are hard at work supporting YOUR hard work. 

For instance, at the Middle School this week, Rebecca Williams, Expository Writing Teacher, had her students extending their learning. Students had to write an expository writing piece, evaluating a seminal character trait. Even more, they then had to symbolically represent that character trait by creating something in the Innovation Lab with Scott Kley Contini's support and guidance. What a powerful collaboration! 

I'm also sure you've already seen the Harker News article highlighting the VR trek to Japan that was taken, as well. If you haven't - check it out here!



  • Melanie Ramsey shared these great resources for those discussing Hurricane Harvey with your students
  • Here's a great resource for parents from Common Sense Media - Hack the School Year
  • ...and for educators, your LID Directors are always looking for what's going to work best FOR YOU, but here's peek behind the curtain. This is just one of many resources we use to help find great reviews on websites, apps and more!
  • DownDetector - THE INTERWEBS AREN'T WORKING! Really??? Uh oh! Wait...Check this quick and easy tool to see if the inability to access a website is specific to you, or if others are experiencing it, as well.
  • And in a new post that will be regularly updated, check out these upcoming professional learning opportunities (which is also its own blog post to return to over and over again located here). Please send along your suggestions for great opportunities to be included in our ever-growing list!



Clay Shirky argues that in this age of information, we don't suffer from information overload; but, rather it is filter failure from which we suffer.

As such, we need to regularly consider what filters we are using and moreover, actively curating. What filters do you use and actively curate so you don't feel overwhelmed? Add your thoughts or comments to this post below.

Professional Learning Opportunities

As opportunities are brought to our attention, or as we already may have attended and recommend; and, as they relate to Learning, Innovation and Design, we will post these opportunities here.